• Hospitality

    Hospitality is a key feature of our community programme, as we provide opportunities for people to meet, talk and eat. Each week, meals are prepared, cooked and served by volunteers from St Paul’s, the Volunteer Centre and the local community. There is a small charge for most of these meals.

    Monday Simple Supper

    6pm, Lower Hall

    Each week we eat a simple meal, listening to each other's stories as we share our food together. People attend from the local community, the congregation, and those who are homeless or those in food poverty. The diverse mix of people makes this an unusual but special gathering which embodies our 'All Are Welcome' ethos.


    After clearing away we hold a short service in the chapel at 7 pm where we light candles for people. We suggest a donation of £2 for the meal but understand that not everyone is always able to pay this.


    For more information contact hello@stpaulscambridge.org.uk

    Thursday Lunch Club

    12.30pm, Lower Hall

    Every Thursday, for the last 10 years we have hosted a two-course lunch at St. Paul's for those who have links with the church and those who don't. There is much discussion about health, families and various trials and tribulations. People arrive early and linger in the foyer and many friendships are forged here. Food is of the highest quality and really nutritious and the users always thank Jane Gresham and her team who never know how many they will be feeding on that specific day! We have people who are not part of the congregation who volunteer in the kitchen as they love the ethos of St. Paul's.


    For those who wish to attend there is also usually a short service at 12.00


    For more information contact hello@stpaulscambridge.org.uk

    Friday Lunch Club

    12.30pm, Lower Hall

    Pam and Simon Brooks host a freshly prepared meal and give it a lunch party feel with fresh flowers and set tables. All are welcome, more particularly those aged 60+. The atmosphere is welcoming, the food is good with two courses and a cup of tea or coffee to follow. The price is £4.00 . The company is warm and inviting, it is great fun - do join us. No need to book.


    For those who wish to attend there is a short Communion Service in the Chapel before the service at 12.00 noon.


    For more information contact hello@stpaulscambridge.org.uk