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  • Foodbank

    A distribution centre operates at St Paul’s on a

    Monday 4pm to 5.30pm and Friday 3pm to 5pm.


    A warm meal is shared at 6pm at the Monday Simple Supper - all are warmly invited to stay.


    As well as supplying food for three days, the trained volunteers are also there to chat, provide a cup of tea and sometimes suggest who clients can contact for help with other issues. In some cases help with fuel can also be given.


    St Paul's was a founder member of Cambridge City Foodbank. Cambridge City Foodbank (CCFb) is an independent charity, closely linked with the Trussell Trust which works throughout the UK to help people in short term crisis. CCFb now operates across the city each week day, offering donated food to those who have been identified to be in need by a wide range of sevices such as health professionals, schools and social services.



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