• Friend's at St. Paul

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  • "Now more than ever we need your support. Becoming a Friend
    will help us to continue the life changing work at
    St Paul’s andsupport initiatives for the whole community."

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    Over 100 homeless people have been given support last year


    We work more broadly within Cambridge City addressing issues such as homelessness, providing a weekly winter night shelter and meal and supporting the work of the Cambridge City Foodbank.

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    Over 350 hot meals are served
    every month


    Hospitality is at the heart of St. Paul's. We regularly share our stories together around the meal table.

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    Bringing the community together

    The Arts and Environment feature in our work which includes a biannual Arts Festival, opportunities for music in the community, and ways to connect with the environment through walks, canoeing and camping.

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    Changing the world for street children

    Street Child United enables street children to obtain a legal identity - changing their lives.

  • All of this valued activity makes use of, and relies upon, the built fabric of 

    St Paul’s, and the dedication of our staff and volunteers.