St. Paul's is a Anglican Church in the heart of Cambridge, serving local people. We are an inclusive & informal community who seek to make connections within ourselves, with other people
    & with God.


    Church Services


    Contact the administrator, Sarah Davie - email congregation@stpaulscambridge.org.uk

    Sunday Morning

    10.30 am, Main Hall

    This service is the focal point of our weekly activity. It is a relatively informal gathering, following the church’s liturgical year and drawing on a variety of Christian traditions, liturgy, music and worship styles. We also use candle lighting as a way to help focus our prayers. There is a sermon from one of our clergy or a visiting speaker and communion takes place two or three times a month. Children remain in church for the first part of the service, leaving for age appropriate activities. Refreshments are served after the service.

    Monday Simple Supper Service

    7.00 pm, Chapel

    Each week at 6pm we eat a simple meal together, listening to each other's stories as we share our food together. People attend from the local community, the congregation and those who are homeless or in food poverty. The diverse mix of people make this an unusual special gathering which embodies our 'All Are Welcome' ethos. After clearing away, we have a short service in the chapel at 7pm during which we light candles for people and situations about which we are concerned. We suggest a donation of £2 for the meal but understand that not everyone is able to pay.

    Tuesday Fellowship

    2.30 pm, Chapel

    This groups has been meeting regularly for over 100 years. It is for the older members of our church and community. There is a short informal service with prayers, hymns and a speaker, followed by tea, biscuits and the opportunity to chat and share stories.

    Tuesday Iona Healing Service

    7.00 pm, currently via Zoom

    This short service uses a liturgy from the Iona Community with laying on of hands for healing and a short sung prayer. The service lasts between 20 to 30 minutes and all are welcome.

    Wednesday Morning Service

    7.30 am, Chapel (First Wednesday of each month)

    We gather in the chapel for the service on Wednesday morning. We take it in turns to choose the liturgy and a reading - a poem, a blessing, a reflection, scripture - something that has resonated with us and we would like to share. We light candles and pray for people and situations that are concerning for us.

    Afterwards we decamp to the local cafe before we head off into the day.

    Thursday - Lunchtime Short Service

    12.00 pm, Chapel

    Before a community lunch in the Lower Hall there is a short service of intercessions and candle lighting. An opportunity to share with each other and bring to God our concerns and our thanks.


    Friday Lunchtime Communion Service

    12.00 pm, Chapel

    This Communion Service uses the Book of Common Prayer form of Anglican Communion Service. It is open to all and is attended mostly by those who will then stay to our Friday lunch club meal, a gathering which is very informal and friendly. The service includes a short reflection by the person presiding.