• Our Staff and Structure

    Our Staff

    Our vicar Michael Beckett has been here for over 25 years. He was joined in 2013 by Jon Canessa, Associate Priest (part time) who is also the Bishop of Ely’s Homelessness Adviser. We also have two active Licensed Lay Ministers Julia Evans, who takes a special interest in the work with children and young people and Christina Barry who is particularly involved with the elderly in the parish. We are waiting to fill posts for our congregational and community work with families, children and young people.


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    Rev Michael Beckett


    Our vicar Michael Beckett has been here for over 25 years. He came to Cambridge to first be curate of St. Barnabas church under Rev. Douglas Holt then moving on to become vicar at St. Paul's. He is married to Debbie and has four adult children and 8 grandchildren and is very much a family man. He is utterly committed to 'All are welcome' and with his teaching and example has guided the church along this path over the last 25 years. He has initiated and overseen the development of the building into a great community facility as well as a place for a vibrant church gathering. He is a fine pastor of his congregation and does a huge amount of work behind the scenes in encouraging and supporting those in need. He is a forthright, 'no holes barred' humorous man and is greatly loved.


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    Rev Jon Canessa

    Associate Priest

    Jon studied Youth & Community Work at Ridley Hall and completed ordination training at Westcott House. Before going into ministry Jon managed a Mental Health charity and has a background working with the street life and homeless community. In addition to his role as Associate Priest, he is also the Bishop's Adviser for Homelessness and chairs the Cambridge Churches Homeless Project. He is a gentle, humble and deeply spiritual man unstinting in his work with all people. Jon is passionate about music; he frequently goes to gigs and is the only person alive still buying CDs. He's also quite a keen bird watcher. Jon is married to Lynne and they have two children.

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    Julia Evans

    Licensed Lay Minister

    Julia Evans is a Licensed Lay Minister and is involved in leading & speaking at St Paul's and children and families work. She is now retired from primary school teaching which gives her time to be involved in the various programmes at St. Paul's. Julia loves the wide and varied friendships and community of St. Paul's, and is fortunate to have her 2 children living close by with whom she and her husband Martin spend time, particularly her 8 year old granddaughter Wren who teaches her much about God and life. Unfortunately she also likes food and all things sparkly but tries to contain both! She is currently learning to play the piano, a long time wish, and in the hope of keeping her mind 'nimbleish.'


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    Christina Barry

    Licensed Lay Minister

    Christina Barry has been involved in the life of St Paul’s church and school since joining the parish in 1985. Life events in recent years led to a ministry in pastoral care and she is now a Licensed Lay Minister. Christina supports ministry with the elderly at St Paul’s in this time of growing need and vulnerability and has developed a good relationship between the church and St George’s Court Nursing Home. Christina has a keen eye for detail and is a great asset on any committee. Christina is still active as a singing teacher and has two adult children living abroad who she enjoys visiting when it is possible.


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  • Jenny Cavallo

    Centre Manager


    Jenny manages the running of the building and the day to day life of St Paul's, including room bookings, health and safety, and the organisation of larger events.



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    Dianne Slack

    Front of House


    Dianne is the initial point of contact for anyone arriving at St Paul's for the first time. Along with Jenny she also manages the room bookings.




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    Steph Hoskin

    Safeguarding Officer


    Steph is responsible for safeguarding, ensuring we are compliant with national and diocesan requirements, as well as organising DBS checks for volunteers.



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    Sarah Davie

    Church Administrator


    Sarah assists with the smooth running of the congregational life at St Paul’s. She manages all communications to the congregation and Mission and Development Group.


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  • Structure of St. Paul's


    The overall governing body of St. Paul’s is the Parochial Church Council (PCC). Members of the PCC are trustees and are legally responsible for the governance of St. Paul’s.)


    Click Here for details of current members of the PCC and PCC management structure


    Role of PCC

    The PCC consists of:

    • the clergy of the parish
    • licensed lay ministers and workers licensed to the parish
    • the church wardens
    • members of the General Synod, diocesan synod or deanery synod who are on the electoral roll
    • representatives of the laity elected at the annual parochial church meeting.
    Our Official Entry 1132965 at www.charitycommision.gov.uk
    The role of the PCC is to 'promote the mission of the church' (1956 PCC Measure)

    For us this means that the PCC provides oversight, governance and development regarding:

    1. The financial management of the church and all its activities, including budget setting and budget management
    2. the management and maintenance of the church buildings
    3. The safeguarding of all people that have a relationship with the church using the Diocese of Ely policies (www.elydiocese.org/safeguarding.php)
    4. The well being of the congregation and the wider community of St. Paul's
    5. Maintaining an effective reporting and accountability structure
    6. Outreach into the parish and wider community
    7. Pastoral support for vicar and staff
    8. Support to the vicar in upholding the theology and the value and moral base of the church
    9. Reporting upwards to the diocese when appropriate
    10. Taking up appropriate international, national and local issues, including those that might be led by the Church of England


    PCC Subgroups

    • Ministry and Development  group, chaired by Michael Beckett,  has oversight of the ministry and mission of the church on behalf of the PCC .  It is composed of the clergy,  active licensed lay Ministers, church wardens and  elected  laity members of the PCC .
    • Worship Leaders Group, chaired by Michael Beckett, meets regularly to monitor and reflect on all things relating to worship and includes those who are involved in worship leading in the church.
    • Children and Young People – chaired by Julia Evans, oversees church and community activities for children and young people. 
    • Buildings Operations Group – chaired by Peter Adlington has responsibility for the planning and financial management of the building and its staff on behalf of the PCC.  It ensures that the building is safe, repaired, refurbished, is ready for the Quinquennial buildings inspection and will be left in good shape for the next generation.  It sets and oversees the annual maintenance budget and monitors projects practically and financially in collaboration with the Centre Manager, who is ably supported by the bookkeeper and treasurer.
    • Programme Group – chaired by Julia Evans co-ordinates and facilitates all the different social events that take place as part of church and community life including working with   St.Paul’s ArtFest Group (see below).  It is responsible for the hospitality programme  and associated social groups.  It plans for providing the church and local community with one-off events, to enhance the sense of community (e.g. Christmas Day Lunch) or to reflect what is happening nationally or locally (e.g. Remembrance Celebrations).
    • Eco Group – chaired by Jonathan Chaplin who leads our efforts to become an eco-friendly church within the framework of the Arocha ‘Eco-Church’ (www.arocha.org)  programme.  Since the group was formed in 2015, we have received the Arocha Bronze Award in 2017, the first church in Cambridge to gain this award.  St. Paul's is now working towards the Silver.  The awards require the church to meet customized performance targets across five areas; Worship and Teaching; Buildings;  Land; Community and Global Engagement; Lifestyle.  The group meet monthly and plan a range of activities to make progress across each area.  These include preparing termly themes, organising eco-themed services, holding speaker events, reducing energy consumption (currently through installing secondary glazing), recycling, reducing waste, maintaining an eco-friendly garden and campaigning.  The group communicate through notices to the congregation, themed fact sheets and through a dedicated website.  https://ecochurchchair.wixsite.com/stpaulsecochurch
    • Inclusive Church Group – more details to follow
    • LGBTQ+ Group – chaired by Andy Gordon explores how to be inclusive.   This group liaises with the Ministry and Development team and meets regularly to discuss ways of making St. Paul’s more inclusive to LGBT+ people. Please contact congregation@stpaulscambridge.org.uk  for details.  Some of St. Paul's congregation members attend the thriving LGBT+ affirming Open Table service at Down Place, United Reformed Church, http//opentable.lgbt/ .  The LGBT+ group invite you to consider signing the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the Church of England.  https://cofe-equal-marriage.org.uk/ 
    • ARTSFEST  Group - convened by Jane Gresham and Martin Evans meets to plan and organise one off events and a bi-annual Arts Festival held at St. Paul's.