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    ArtsFest 2024 18th - 21st September

    ArtsFest 2024 will be at St Paul’s 18th - 21st September this year.

    Amongst an exciting mixture of performances, workshops, talks and hospitality, we will be creating our own
    immersive supper-performance for the Saturday night to close the festival…and
    you are invited to help write the piece!


    Ecclesiastes 3.1-8 is our starting point (‘For everything there is a season’) for an evening of story, spoken word, poetry, singing and music. We need as many people in the community as possible to contribute pieces of writing or music, whether they are fragments or fully worked moments. Becky will then be curating all of the ideas and work that we come up with and shaping them into the final piece.


    Contact: becky@stpaulscambridge.org.uk

    Full Programme of events to be announced soon.



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    "That was astonishing. So full of love, compassion, wit, pathos and wonder. And so many characters. By the end, we know them all."

    Review from the first perfomance of the play held at St Luke's, Holloway



    We are excited to be hosting this new play inspired by the life of Henri Nouwen. Written by Murrray Watts and performed by Andrew Harrison, The Beloved Son is a moving solo performance, exploring hope and longing, family dynamics, sexual and emotional crisis, and the profound insights of a man who became one of the greatest spiritual writers of the 20th century.


    Saturday 8th June, 7.45pm

    The Beloved Son - buy tickets here  


    Drinks will be served from 7.15pm before the show starts as there is no interval.