• Groups

    Seasonal and Other Groups

    Below are a number of other groups that are organised by members of St. Paul's.

    Some are regular and others more ad hoc.

    The Garden Room Singers

    The Garden Room Singers meet after Thursday lunch in a community room, The Garden Room, just down the road from church. It is an opportunity to natter and sing songs that span the last 100 years. This is led by the very able Victoria Royce and is inclusive of local residents. The music is of a good standard and concerts at St. George's Court, the local care home and in church have brought much joy.

    Men's Breakfast

    We Meet, we Munch and we Ruminate.

    We discuss all manner of subjects; light or heavy, high or low, spiritual or profane.

    We aim to meet with humour, with acceptance of all and in non-judgement.

    In our meeting there is potential and we meet to realise it, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

    Third Saturday in the month, The Earl of Derby Pub, Hills Road, Cambridge. 8.30

    Women's Early Evening Drinks and Nibbles

    What started as a fundraiser has developed into a semi-regular event hosted by Sarah and Caroline in their homes. There's always a selection of soft and harder drinks, (not just gin, honest!) with nibbles to ease us into the weekend after a long week. It's a fun way to meet other women at St. Paul's, make new friends and catch up with old ones. We ask for a small donation towards the cost and every now and again we run it as a fundraiser. Recent donations have enabled us to support the breast cancer screening programme at Al Ahli hospital in Gaza and projects working with young women living on the streets. Do look out for the next date in the Family News.

    St Paul's Curry Night

    We hold a Curry Night occasionally at the Rajbelash Restaurant (opposite the church). While primarily a congenial social gathering, we enjoy a simple scripture reading and discussion between poppadums and mains. Our numbers have grown recently. All are welcome. If you have not yet come, do join us for the next one! Details are in Family News.


    A group meet in the Foyer of the church at 4.30 on Monday for games of Scrabble. Some members then remain for Monday Simple Supper at 6.00.

    Botanic Garden Trips

    The Botanic Garden Trip is scheduled for the first Thursday of every month, meeting at the HIlls Road entrance at 11 am. Sally and Jenny from the Botanic Gardens are the hosts, being familiar with all the attendees and their various needs and expectations. There are mobility scooters on hand and there are eight to ten people in the group. Sally, who is an employee, and Jenny who is a volunteer are both exceptionally knowledgeable and we all love becoming acquainted with different parts of the garden and the ongoing projects. Sometimes we take part in the school programmes and things can become fairly competitive. The group is fairly diverse but it works well and the camaraderie is wonderful. Being outside in all weathers and watching the seasons change is a tonic for anyone regardless of their mental health.

    St Paul's Community Choir

    Singing together has always been an important part of community life at St. Paul's. For the last 16 years, a community choir of up to 60 people aged 9 - 90 gathers to prepare music for the beautiful Christmas Candlelit Carol Service. We rehearse for the five Monday evenings at St. Paul's starting in mid November and all are welcome. There is no need to be able to read music or to have ever sung in a choir before. Rehearsal tracks are provided for practice at home. The aim is the joy of people from all walks of life singing together with a wide range of music styles from short reflective chants to upbeat gospel-style settings. Rehearsals are led by experienced choral director, Helen Robbins and are lively and focused with a decent tea break! Highly recommended! For more details, email Helen on helen@cambridgetraining.org

    Lent and Advent Groups

    During Lent and Advent there are study groups on a Tuesday evening from 7.30 in the chapel. Details to be found in Family News

    Apprentice Group

    This group meets in the chapel at 8.45 am every other Sunday morning. We begin with coffee followed by discussion and feedback finishing by 10.00 am. We usually read a recommended book which often leads us to agree to follow certain practices which we then discuss at the next meeting. We enjoy one another's fellowship and support and seek to grow in our own self-awareness.

    Wednesday Addiction Group

    Jon Canessa, Associate Priest, facilitates a group at Wesley Church, Christ Pieces, Cambridge CB1 1LG , on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 1.15 pm each week. The group explores spirituality and mental well-being with people who are in recovery from addictions that include drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography