Room Hire FAQ

FAQs for Customers Making a Booking Request at St Paul’s

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What facilities are available at St. Paul’s, and can I come in to look around?

The facilities available at St. Paul’s are detailed here on our website. If you’d like to come and see our facilities in person you are more than welcome to. Please make sure to check the online calendar to see when the room you are interested in is free, and then feel free to pop into the office. Let us know that you’re interested and are here to have a look around, and someone will be able to direct you to the relevant room.

How do I make a booking?

Once you have investigated all the information available on the website regarding the different rooms available at St Paul’s and their hire rates, you should submit a booking request by completing the online booking form. We strongly advise that you check availability for your desired booking via the online calendar before submitting your request. Once you have submitted a complete form, your request will be dealt with ASAP. Someone from the bookings team will get in touch with you via e-mail with information about whether we can take your booking, and if so, a quote for your booking request. We can then confirm your booking, and it will appear on the online calendar.

Who gets priority?

We are an extremely busy Church and community centre, which is fantastic, but unfortunately this sometimes means that we do not have the space to accept all the booking requests that we receive. Priority is always given to Church services and Church-organised community events, but after that, booking requests are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly encourage you to submit your booking request ASAP, and certainly no later than a month before you would like your event(s) to take place. We cannot guarantee that your request will be dealt with, or that we will have space to accommodate you, if you do not leave sufficient time between submitting your request and your preferred event date.

How much does it cost to book a room at St. Paul’s? How do I know which rate category I fall under?

A summary and comparison of the room rates is available here:

Bookings deemed to be for commercial ventures include, but are not limited to; paid classes, university/school courses and conferences, or any other event in which you the customer are likely to make a profit. Bookings deemed to be private include, but are not limited to; birthdays, paid-entrance events (unless the entrance fee goes to charity), private-fundraisers or members-only events. Bookings deemed to be eligible for charity or community events include, but are not limited to, charity fundraisers and dinners, and events that are open to all in the community, or provided by registered charities. This discount is available at the discretion of the member of staff making the booking, and their decision is final.

What does my booking fee include?

Your booking fee includes the costs covered to operate and administer the rooms. We have additional charges for use of the Kitchen in the Lower Hall, and the Grand Piano and AV system in the Main Hall due to the costs involved in the administration and maintenance of these facilities.

Please note that your booking fee does NOT include a cleaning fee and we expect all rooms to be left clean, and the furniture arranged as it was found. You should include the time you expect that you will need for set-up and take-down in the time that you ask for when making a booking request. Unfortunately, we will always charge you for the entire time that you have booked the room for, even if you do not end up using the room for that entire period, as we will have often turned down other potential bookings in order to honour our arrangement that we made with you to confirm a booking.

The surplus that we sometimes get from commercial and private room hire is used to fund a variety of projects that are operated by St. Paul’s that support the local community and help those that are less fortunate than ourselves, which without these bookings, would not be able to go ahead.


How and when do I pay for my booking?

You can pay for your booking in cash, cheque, or preferably - via bank transfer. Depending on whether your booking is classed as a “one-off” booking or a “regular” booking, we have different credit terms in place. For “one-off” bookings, you will need to pay a deposit in order to secure your booking, and then pay the total sum of your booking before the event takes place. For “regular” bookings, you will receive a monthly invoice at the start of each month for the previous month’s usage. More details about payments are available when you confirm your booking, and when you receive an invoice.

Any further questions?

Please do send an e-mail to or telephone 01223 576899. We are always very busy here in the office, but if you leave a message on the answering machine or with one of our volunteers we will respond to your request as soon as we can.



Updated 25/11/15