PCC, Churchwardens and Working Groups

As representatives and Trustees, the PCC (Chair: Martin Evans) supports, steers and oversees the work and ministry at St Paul’s to help fulfil its mission. The PCC achieves this through a number of ancillary groups:

St Paul's Churchwardens are Peter Bone and Eeva John.

Ministry and Development Group (Chair: Michael Beckett) is responsible for the delivery of all that we understand our mission to be at St Paul's including pastoral needs, services, our five mission goals, planning etc

Operations Group (Chair: Dorothy Betts) is responsible for the running of the building's maintenance, finance and development.

Programme Group (Chair: Helen Christy) oversees the regular community activities at St Paul's

Children and Young People's Group (Chair: Liz Diamond) oversees the input and activities for young people at St Paul's on Sundays and at other times in the year such as the church weekends at home and away.

While each of these groups reports to the PCC, which retains responsibility for overall strategy, their existence enables the more efficient day-to-day management of the building and its activities.