Music at St Paul’s

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At St Paul's, we use a wide range of musical styles, traditions and cultures, directed largely by the church calendar. We hope our singing is relevant, meaningful and worshipful, engaging both our heads and hearts to enrich, encourage and inspire us.

From time to time, those that like to sing are invited to arrive at church half an hour early to practise songs to be sung during the morning service. Those who play instruments are also very welcome to participate and to help us develop both the number and the range of musical contributions offered to support our congregational worship.  Music for songs is generally played on the grand piano with the organ used where appropriate.

Our annual Community Choir rehearses during November and December to sing at our candlelit carol service. The choir is open to anyone, no auditions and whether they usually attend St Paul's or not. Hard work, good fun and a chance to get to know others are hallmarks of the five week rehearsal period. We also contribute to other key services in the church calendar such as Easter, Pentecost and Harvest.

If you would like to be included in any of the above, contact Music Curator, Helen Robbins on 




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